Welcome to Jones Mom!

Giving your children a homeschool education is a beautiful thing.  It means you are in control of what they learn as opposed to a governing board of people who don't know your children.  You can ensure that they learn a topic entirely before moving on.  It means you can enrich their lives by teaching them things that have been cut out of the school system's curriculum.

When implemented correctly, education and play work together to help our children learn and fully comprehend new concepts.  This also helps our children become independent young adults that contribute to society and appreciate life.

All homeschool parents are capable of using this style of learning.  It doesn't require extensive training and a handful of certifications.  You only need a little know-how and that is exactly what Jones Mom provides.

Time to Learn

We're all capable of teaching our children the core educational concepts they are expected to learn.  Any homeschool parent can start using these ideas right away.

Please Behave

In a world full of chaos is it possible to raise well-behaved, respectful children?  Yes!  It's actually easier than you may think!

Just for Fun

While it's important to raise sweet, smart kids, it's equally as important to have fun along the way and enjoy every precious moment.  Sometimes our little ones need to let loose and have a good (and safe) time, too.