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We’re Doing It!  Hitting the road to travel the world with our kids!

Maybe we’re crazy, but we’re selling everything we own so we can travel and “worldschool” our children!


We’re sharing everything we learn about worldschooling and traveling full-time!


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Getting Started

What are our first steps?  I mean we’ve never traveled full-time.  So where do we begin?  Personally we’re waiting until our youngest is closer to one year old.  It’s not ideal to travel the world with an infant, but we don’t want our oldest to get much older before we start traveling.  

Aside from waiting for our youngest to get a little older, we want to pay off our debt.  We have a credit card that got a little carried away and we really don’t want to deal with a credit card payment while we’re abroad.

I’m the only one with a passport in our family so my husband and the kids need to get theirs.  We also need get insurance for while we’re abroad.



We’ll keep you posted on everything we do.  Every time we figure out something new and get one step closer to our goal I’ll share it with you.

It would be amazing if more people started worldschooling their children and showing them the world.  You learn so much when you travel and we’re so excited to start this new adventure!


Hi there, I’m Emily

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I’ve always loved to travel and I love homeschooling my children.  My husband and I decided to sell everything we own and travel the world as a family.  Before getting married and having children I traveled to several different countries.  I learned that traveling teaches you things for beyond what a book could ever teach.

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