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There is no school equal to a decent home and no teacher equal to a virtuous parent.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Giving your children a homeschool education is a beautiful thing.  It means you are in control of what they learn as opposed to a board of people who don't even know your children.  You can ensure that they learn a topic entirely before moving on.  It means you can enrich their lives by teaching them things that have been cut out of the school system's curriculum.  You can incorporate proper behavior along with manners, courtesy, and respect into their daily education.

All homeschool parents are capable of using this style of learning.  It doesn't require extensive training and a handful of certifications.  You only need a little know how and that is what Jones Mom provides.

Today's world can be so chaotic.  So is it still possible to raise well-behaved, respectful children?  Yes!  As parents, we hold the power to teach our children so much more than book smarts.  By changing a few of our parenting techniques, we can help our children become amazing individuals.  We can help them become independent young adults who contribute to society and appreciate life.

It takes work by the parents, but it's possible.  Our children have a deep desire to please us.  So by setting the right example and giving them the opportunity to shine, children are capable of more then you may have though possible.

While it's important to raise sweet, smart kids, it's equally important to have fun along the way and enjoy every precious moment.  Sometimes our little ones just need to let loose and have a good (and safe) time, too!

Here you can pick up a few new ideas for fun activities that your kids are sure to enjoy!  Also, go behind the scenes and stay up to date on all the fun times with Jones Mom, the Jones kids, and all of our adventures!

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