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Who is Jones Mom?

I’m eclectic, quirky, interesting, boring, lost, and everything in between. I can’t explain my weirdness with just a word or two. So here I will do my best to tell you who I really am;

Emily and baby E walking through the woods

My name is Emily Jones

I’m a homeschool mom living in middle Tennessee. However, I find that I don’t really fit in with typical Southern homeschool moms. I’m not sure why. I don’t do anything highly unusual. My kids and I go on a lot of hikes and nature walks. We observe the changes throughout the seasons, do our best to protect the planet and always choose homepathic options for medical care. So I’m crunchy. Well, I try to be..

One day I hope to have

A Homestead



Favorite Hobby


Favorite food

Anything Homemade

This is me… the long version

Let me start by saying I am totally lost. Where is my tribe? Who are my people? I don’t really know. If you’re reading this maybe you and I have something in common. I really hope so. I’d hate to learn that I’m the only person this unusual. But I tend to mesh with several different kinds of people and I don’t know anyone who is exactly like me. I must say, though, that is one of my favorite parts of life.

I was born and raised right outside Nashville, Tennessee. Yep, Music City is my home. But I can’t sing or play an instrument. (My husband can but he’s not even from around here). At my core I’m a Southerner. And growing up in the Bible Belt definitely played a huge role in me learning who I am. At least for a while.

I’ve always loved traveling and I’ve always been fascinated by other cultures and languages. This interest may be the origination of where I am today. See, after graduating from my conservative, private  Christian high school and spending one semester at my conservative, private Christian college, I went to Orlando and worked as an intern at Walk Disney World through the Disney College Program.

At this point. in my life working at Disney was the most exciting experience I had ever had. I had traveled to a few countries and done some super cool things at this point. But Disney was like all my loves wrapped in one pretty bundle with a psychedelic bow on top. At Disney World I worked as a deep water lifeguard at Typhoon Lagoon. For some reason, so did a lot if the ICP people (International College Program). I learned so much about so many different cultures and countries from people who actually came from these places. After 9 months at Disney I had a better understanding of people and could speak conversational French and Spanish.

That experience only lasted a few months but I was obsessed with it.I guess that’s why I never returned to that Christian college. Instead, I enrolled in a language and culture school in Nice, France. My experience there was unusually similar to my experience at Disney World.

None of the students at that school were actually from France. It was an international school so the students were from all over the world. I lived with a host family who didn’t speak English and my roommate was from Mexico. As someone extremely interested in other cultures, this was a dream come true. I was living my dream!

I had friends from all over the world, Mexico, Argentina, the Netherlands, Belgium, China, and more. I spent a lot of time with people from France, too. After school and on weekends we always went and explored so that we were immersed in French culture.

After my time in Nice I moved to Paris. I didn’t care for it near as much as Nice. After only two months in Paris I was robbed. At a Starbucks there someone stole my purse. In it was my wallet, my camera, my Eurobus pass, French concert tickets, and a few other things I really wish I still had. Thankfully, my passport was in my room at my host family’s house. I did get a French police report out of that incident. So I guess that’s something.

I was a little burnt out from Europe after that experience so I flew back to the States. Before leaving France I had secured a job as an ocean rescue guard in South Carolina so that’s where I went. Strangely enough, I once again found myself working with people from all over the world. Most of the people who worked as ocean rescue guards were from Eastern Europe. And, apparently, many of the people who visit the beaches in South Carolina are from Quebec. So I was able to speak French almost every day which made me extremely happy.

Like most people, my story includes getting tangled up with the wrong guy. I’ll spare you the details, but because of that relationship I eventually ended up moving back to Nashville for a brief period of time before joining the Marine Corps. I know… this is getting super random. But it’s true. I worked as a deisel mechanic in the Marines for four years. I would have stayed in longer, but I got out to take care of my daughter. She was born at Camp Pendleton while I was in the Marines and getting out after one term to take care of her is one of the biggest sacrifices I’ve ever made. Honestly, it was the first thing I ever really did for someone other  than myself.

Now, I’m back in middle Tennessee and I’m married to the most supportive man I’ve ever met. (I met him when I hired him by the way! That has nothing to do with this part of the story, but it’s funny to us so I’m sharing it here).

After we got married we knew that we wanted to homeschool our kids. We honestly believe that is what’s best for them. A lot of people in Tennessee homeschool and there are loads of resources available for homeschool families. And yet, I find that I often don’t fit in with other homeschool families. I’m a little more fluid in the things I believe and I understand that I’m wrong a lot. Some of the things we do and believe seem contradictory I guess. Here are some of our beliefs and the things that make us who we are:

I grew up religious but now I’m spiritual.

I care about our planet, a lot. Green energy is good and should be used more.

Herbalism and natural medicine should always be used first.

Raising kids is one of the most important jobs because it directly impacts our future.