Homeschool Groups Allow Us to Take Field Trips!

Believe it or not, homeschool kids get to take field trips. And not just outings with the family. Actual field trips with a lot of other homeschool kids.

This is thanks to the many groups that exist in order to give kids who are homeschooled the “school” experience. We are part of several different groups, one of which is all about field trips!

Shade Tree Apple Orchard

A few weeks ago, me and the kiddos went on a field trip to a local apple orchard. It was SO much fun! To get the day started, the group was split into two smaller groups. Our group made crafts first. Someone passed out supplies after the kids all picked their own apple from a basket. They were shown how to make these super adorable apple pigs! Isn’t it cute? What a great idea! My daughter laughed all day at her funny little pig.

The apple pig!

After crafts, the groups switched stations, and it was our turn to learn! We learned all about the life cycle of an apple and an apple tree. After that we learned how to make homemade apple cider. We even watched as apples were crushed and tasted the fresh apple juice. It was amazing!

The homeschool students learned everything there is to know about apples.
Listening with her goodie bag and apple-shaped bottle.

After that we went on a short hay ride pulled by a tractor. For some reason the kids though being pulled by a tractor was so funny (aw!). Then we actually got to pick apples from the trees! My daughter filled up her bag and was so proud of each and every apple she pulled.

Apple picking!
We found the perfect apple!

It was SUCH a fun day! I’m so glad we went. Our day ended with a picnic lunch under the shade of the trees. Being able to pick and choose our field trips and ensure they are high-quality, educational, and relevant is a major perk to homeschooling. Also, the whole family gets to enjoy these experiences together!

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