Diapering/Potty Training


If you ask me, cloth diapers are a MUST!  We use them and we love them!  They are healthier for baby because they are manufactured without the chemicals needed to make disposables.  This means less rashes!  And, of course, cloth diapers make potty training so much easier!  GroVia diapers are so soft-think baby bunny soft.  GroVia is also certified organic by GOTS and has several different diaper options for your family.  Including options for newborns and larger babies.  Because let's be honest, there really is no such thing as "one size fits all."

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  Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics

Diaper rash is a reality for new tiny humans.  But Earth Mama has your baby's bum covered!  When we apply this to our little one's after the sign of an oncoming rash, the redness is gone in no time!  Typically one day.  I strongly believe we should only be applying the best, organic products to our little ones.  That is why we love Earth Mama.  On top of that, they have SO many products for babies, children, AND mommies!

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  Water Wipes

It may seem odd to recommend one specific baby wipe.  But Water Wipes are the ONLY wipes we use and the best option for your little one's bum.  Diaper rash is made worse by the chemicals in all other baby wipes.  Water Wipes are made with water and a tiny drop of grape seed oil.  Thats it!  So if your baby ever has rash or redness, these wipes WILL make it better.  Goodbye irritation, severe redness, and fussiness due to rash.  Hello healthy, happy baby bum!  They also come in individual packs, multiple, and cases.

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