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85% of the brain is formed by age three; this early period is critical in shaping a child's mind and future.  Monti Kids provides educational play that meets your child's developmental needs and presents enough challenge to fulfill your child's potential.  Monti Kids toys keep our youngest entertained for hours.  And watching your little one get excited about mastering new skills is so rewarding!  Want more?  You also get guides for use, a timeline to introduce each new toy, and video demonstrations for everything with each box.  If you are interested in Montessori but don't know where to start, Monti Kids is the answer!  Use my promo code JONES30 to get $30 off your first purchase!

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If you want to promote independence in your little one as early as possible (I mean starting at only a few months old) then the infant and toddler furniture made by Sprout is a MUST!  Our youngest started eating at the table independently during every meal because of Sprout's Weaning Table and Chair.  The products they make are high quality and encourage little ones to explore their world on their own.  We love Sprout!  Also, each piece in carefully made by hand in the U.S.!  The furniture is beautiful and hardware free.  No more scratches on your baby's face and hands due to ugly bolts and screws!  Use my promo code JonesMom to save 10% on your entire order!

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We have so many items from For Small Hands (Montessori Services).  All of their products, which are inspired by the Montessori philosophy of learning, allow children to be part of the family by completing chores and tasks with their very own things!  No more struggling to use "grown up things."  Now you can create space for your little one all over your house!

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If you have a child who loves meal time as much as my youngest, then you'll love Grabease.  These cute little eating utensils have a protective guard on them so your little doesn't shove it into his or her throat and choke.