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Should You Check Your Phone in Front of Your Kids?

Our phones have easily become an extension of ourselves. We can now use them for anything. Honestly if you don’t have a phone can you even function in today’s world?

Personally, I love my cell phone. I use it for everything! Without it I would always get lost while driving, I would never remember when the next doctor appointment is, I would never read my emails, and I would certainly never wake up on time.

Is checking your phone bad?

However, the frequency with which we check our phones sends a very critical message to our children. Our cell phones are important, but are they more important than our children? How do our children feel they stack up against our phones?

When you are on the floor playing with your kids and you hear your phone going off what is the first thing you do? If your answer is “check my phone” then you are sending your kids the wrong message.

Our children, especially when they are very young, are like little sponges that absorb EVERYTHING. This includes small, subtle actions that can eventually have a negative effect on their mindset.

If you check your phone in the middle of playtime you are relaying the message that this call/text/notification or whatever else is more important than spending time with your little ones. You are saying that it is so important that you can’t even wait until after you’re done playing to check the notification or return the call.

This can harm your children later in life. Because of these seemingly harmless moments, they are more likely to have low self esteem. When others treat them as less than important they won’t stop and realize that person is being rude.

What should we do?

If, however, when your phone goes off you simply ignore it or say to your child, “I am playing with you right now. I will check that later,” he will understand that he has significant value. He will know that he is important. One day, if someone checks their phone in front of him (either in a casual conversation or even on a date) he will recognize how rude that person is being toward him because you set the standard so high when he was younger. Because of you, he will know that he is important and has value. Therefore this person, or date, is not worth giving much time. Likewise, he will be a more respectful person and give others his full attention because that is the example you set for him.


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