Are chores really necessary?  It seems that they are fading away.  Perhaps children just need to be children and have fun while they’re young.  I mean after all, won’t they have enough responsibility on their plates once they hit the “real world?”

No.  The truth is, without chores they ultimately won’t have many responsibilities in life.  They may not even have any of real significance. With chores, teaching kids responsibility is much easier!

Why teach kids responsibility with chores?

The most important thing for parents to remember is that we are not raising kids.  Wait, what?  It’s true!  We are actually raising adults.  The problem is that when they are born they come with no skills, no knowledge, no language comprehension, and no ability to even take care of themselves.  So we must teach them how to do these things.

That’s not what I heard…

Teaching kids responsibility is more often than not inhibited by the titles and expectations “experts” have assigned to the different stages of a child’s life.  We read things like this:

These are adolescents, juveniles, unable to achieve the level of understanding of an adult.  We must go slowly with them to ensure they are learning how to act.  A toddler is much too young to prepare his own food and organize his closet.  Give them baby steps so they can eventually learn how to take care of themselves.

Seriously?  How did any expert decide that our children are, basically, too dumb to do things an adult can do?  The truth is, our kids will usually meet our expectations.  You only need to give them guidance and instruction.  If you want your kids to make their beds and clean their rooms every day then show them how. And show them that you do it, too (that last part is very important!  Why should they do something other adults are not expected to do?).  A three-year-old is fully capable of cleaning her room, putting her dishes in the dishwasher, and several other things.

If we think our kids are too young to do something and we therefore don’t even take the time to show them how, then of course they aren’t going to do it.  It is so important that we show our kids how to do certain tasks.  They should be expected to complete these tasks, or chores, every day.  This how kids learn responsibility. Younger children will start with simple tasks like putting their toys away.  They will eventually be strong enough for other things such as taking out the trash.

So what does this all mean?

If we do this we are teaching kids responsibility setting them up for a lifetime of success.  Their lives will be easier than those who did not have chores or responsibilities around the house.  If we do this our kids will grow up knowing what it means to meet expectations and deadlines.  When they are given a hard assignment at work one day, it won’t weigh so heavy on them. All because they already have a lifetime of accomplishing various tasks that had to be completed. Teaching kids responsibility starts with giving them chores from an early age.

If we want the best for our kids, then will give them chores in order to teach them responsibility. By doing so, the responsibilities of adulthood won’t come as such a shock.

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