As homeschool parents, we all want to do whatever we can to ensure that our children learn how to recognize letters and spell. Teaching kids how to write their names is a primary focus. All parents want to help their little ones recognize and write their names before going off to school. Including those who don’t homeschool.

What do people usually do?

The most commonly used exercise is tracing. Usually, this happens in a workbook. It is also done by having kids trace over something written by their parents on a piece of paper. The idea is that kids will trace their name so many times, that by the time they are writing it independently, it is second-nature.

When children are first introduced to letters and holding a pencil (approximately ages 2-3) this is ok. However, once children start trying to write their name regularly they no longer need to trace.

So how do we teach kids to write their names?

So, what is the best trick to teach your kids how to write their names?

Instead, children should practice writing their name by looking at it after you write it, then copying it. Why is this better than tracing? Because when children constantly trace perfectly written letters they begin to think that’s the only way to write them. Basically, it discourages them from developing their own unique handwriting. It also distracts from the task at hand which is simply learning how to write their name. That is why copying their name is the best trick to teach kids how to write their names.

Now I know penmanship is important. But that is not what we’re talking about here. In the early stages of writing we need to encourage our children to spell their names correctly. Nothing else. They need to do it on their own without being concerned that their “letter A is too short.”

Later, after they are writing independently and nearly mistake-free, you can begin to focus on penmanship.

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