We’re Doing It!

Call us crazy, maybe we are.  But we’ve decided to sell everything we own and hit the road.  I work remotely, we homeschool our kids, so why not?  Our kids will only be young once and we’ve decided to raise them a little different than most.

I love to travel.  I always have.  Before settling down and having kids I traveled a lot.  Visiting other countries and experiencing other cultures is so fascinating to me.  You learn so much about the world when you see it from another perspective; when you see it through the eyes of someone who lives a completely different life than you.

It is also extremely important to us that our kids are homeschooled.  We honestly believe homeschooling gives them the highest quality education.  So we’re traveling and we’re homeschooling.  We’re worldschooling!

Worldschooling our children is going to be the biggest adventure of our lives.  Come along with us via the blog as we share everything we learn.

Worldschooling is gaining popularity every day.  More and more people are living a nomadic lifestyle while their kids are young.  This means that the whole world is our classroom.  We believe that gives our children the best education possible.

We’re Doing It!

Are you considering worldschooling your children?

This is something that’s very new to us.  So we’ll be documenting everything here on this site so you can decide if worldschooling is right for your family.

We don’t personally know anyone else who is worldschooling.  We do, however, follow many people who are living the lifestyle we desire.  Some of those people are worldschoolers while others are modern day nomads.

Since this is a completely new adventure for us, we’re going to share everything we learn along the way.  As we “figure it out” we want others to know how we make it work.  Let’s make worldschooling more common and socially acceptable!

With that being said, if you ever have any questions please reach out and let me know.  I want to share absolutely everything so no one is ever left in the dark or thinking this lifestyle is too hard to achieve.  Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  So join us as we begin worldschooling and share your thoughts below!

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